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School Year 2017 - 2018

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Classes and the Curriculum 2017-2018

There are two classes in each year group at Wren's Nest apart from the Nursery children who attend part time in either the morning or afternoon session.

Also see below for termly curriculum information sheets and yearly National Curriculum coverage reports for each year group.


Classes 2017-2018

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

Time for Twos


Pre-School and Nursery

Miss A. Harris


Mrs R Wood



Mrs A Stevens


Mrs L Gallimore

Miss A Harris

Year 1

Mrs H Smith

Mrs J Swain

Year 2

Miss E Moren

Miss S Cotterill

Miss M Wyer

Year 3

Mr S Baglin

Miss R Dunn

Year 4

Mrs L Flavell

Mr A Bowker

Year 5

Mrs S Abbiss

Mr S Butler

Mrs M Reed

Year 6

Mr M Allport

Mrs K Bastable

Groups 2017-2018


Teaching Staff

KS1 Nurture




Mrs N Blewitt

(Nurture Group Leader)


Y1/2 SEN

Little Stars

Mrs R Gallis



Mrs C Edwards


Ability set

Miss C Price (SLT)

Y3/4 SEN


Mrs G Donaghue


Ability set

Mr A Snape (SLT)

Y5/6 SEN

Shooting Stars

Mrs M Buddan


Curriculum Information Sheets for the Term:

Pre-School Curriculum Information Summer 2017

Nursery Curriculum Information Summer 2017

Reception Curriculum Information Autumn 2017

Year 1 Curriculum Information Autumn 2017

Year 2 Curriculum Information Autumn 2017

Year 3 Curriculum Information Summer 2017

Year 4 Curriculum Information Autumn 2017

Year 5 Curriculum Information Autumn 2017

Year 6 Curriculum Information Autumn 2017


Yearly National Curriculum Coverage Reports:

EYFS Curriculum Coverage Reception

National Curriculum Coverage Rainbow Room

National Curriculum Coverage Year 1

National Curriculum Coverage Year 2

National Curriculum Coverage Year 3

National Curriculum Coverage Year 4

National Curriculum Coverage Year 5

National Curriculum Coverage Year 6





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