Top Public Schools in the Midlands

Have you recently moved to Dudley and you don’t know what primary school is best to take your child to? If so, then by reading this article you will find a lot easier to make the right choice. We all know how important it is for your child to receive an excellent education and that’s why we made some deep research in order to find out which are the best primary schools in Dudley.

Russells Hall Primary School

This is considered the best primary school in Dudley not only because there are plenty of good teachers but because there are several interesting classes that can help your child discover his talents and also highly improve them. Russells Hall Primary School features Indoor & Outdoor Learning, Music, Dance, Drama, Literature, Visual arts, Drama, Instil Spirituality, and Respect for Others & Desire to be Open Minded. Furthermore, it offers to all kids a broad and balanced curriculum with an emphasis on creative arts. Not only your children will have the chance to beautifully develop his skills but he will also have the opportunity to meet great teachers that will certainly have a positive impact on his entire life.

Milking Bank Primary School

Another good choice you could make for your child is without a doubt Milking Bank Primary School. Here, the provided classes are Art & Design, Geography, English, Number, Biology, Modern Languages, History, Science, Texture, Develop Techniques of Color, Religious Education, Mathematics, Design & Technology, Form & Space, and Chemistry. Your child can try all of them and see which one suits him best and then focus on that specific class in order to highly develop his skills. This is exactly what the teachers from this school are trying to do with all the children. They are trying different methods to see the talent in every kid and then help him become better and better. The environment at Milking Bank Primary School is excellent for preparing the pupils as confident and happy citizens. The school also offers out of hours club, football club, and netball club.

Wren’s Nest Primary School

At this primary school, every pupil will absolutely love the learning thanks to professional teachers who are here to help them grow into capable young people with high academic and social skills. The atmosphere from here is friendly and welcoming, and we are sure that your child will quickly feel comfortable and make new friends. Wren’s Nest primary school is a true learning community where lots of opportunities are offered to both parents and members of the community to take advantage of a full range of education courses for adults. This type of courses are actually provided without any cost and delivered in the school’s dedicated adult training room. All in all, this place is amazing and it will certainly brighten up your child’s future.

Queen Victoria Primary School

We want to end our article with Queen Victoria primary school, also one of the best ones in Dudley. The courses that this school offers are various. For example, your child can attend Physical Education, Arts, Crafts, Character Development, Design, and many more. The teachers are very well-prepared and extremely friendly. Another advantage is that all the children in reception, year one, and year two will receive a daily free lunch. Before and after school clubs are also available, and other numerous activities and ventures.

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